Overview Aniwar

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Overview Aniwar

Aniwar is a universe inspired by adorable creatures where everyone may earn tokens via skilled gameplay and ecological contributions. Players can battle, collect, raise, create, and improve their own Ani. Third-party developers can readily access all Aniwar genetic data and art assets, allowing community developers to create their own tools and experiences within the Aniwar universe. Aniwar is both an entertaining game and a social network that links people; it is a platform for everyone to develop a sustainable community that contributes to the ecosystem.
The Blockchain economic concept used to compensate our participants for their contributions to the ecosystem distinguishes Aniwar from traditional games. This new gaming concept is referred to as "play for earning money." Thousands of players from impoverished nations have joined Aniwar in search of a new source of income during the Covid pandemic. Aniwar participants of different genders, ages, and occupations can become good players, even if they have never been exposed to Blockchain technology.

Community and economy

Players can earn money by:
  • Competing in PVP battles for leaderboard awards.
  • Ani can be sold on the market.
  • Collect valuable rare Ani.
  • Match and sell powerful equipment for Ani.
  • Collect and join the match.
Starting in 2022, gamers can earn ANIW, which is indicative of the gaming universe because it includes admin powers and fee sharing. Tokens can be obtained via playing, collecting, and completing tasks in the game. Rewards are given based on their effort and skills displayed in the game.

Aniwar's Mission

Aniwar has a charming and creative design that brings important facts and understanding about Blockchain technology. Aniwar is a place where numerous users can make friends, form relationships, and share the beauty of Blockchain with the rest of the world.


We want Aniwar to become a game, a community of sharing. We believe in empowering players and providing them with financial opportunities. We hope that the game will benefit everyone on the planet. Welcome to our revolution.
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