Aniwar - Whitepaper

Aniwar economy and long-term sustainability

Principles of Aniwar

  • Aniwar is a new type of game that rewards are given to players based on the contribution and effort they make to the ecosystem.
  • Aniwar has a 100% player-owned economy. Rather than selling NFT items like the vast majority of other platforms, the core team focuses on the player to player economy. Marketplace fees go into a Community Treasury and the usage will be guided by ANI holders. The developers earn through their ownership of ANI tokens. Aniwar is created by players using in-game resources (AHC & ANI) and sold to new/other players. You can consider Aniwar as a nation with a real economy. The ANI token holders are the government that receives tax revenues. The core team of the game, Kaiigame, holds 16% of allANI tokens.
  • In-game resources and items are tokenized, meaning they can be sold to anyone, anywhere on markets.
Aniwar population growth is one of the major factor within the Aniwar ecosystem. At all times, there exists the ideal inflation rate that allows us to grow to our maximum potential. Too low or too high inflation rate makes the development of players and the ecosystem at a disadvantage. ANI/AHC tokens face many problems that need to be managed.

Economic Sustainability

Long-term the economy will be sustained by adding:
  • Economic value add-on for Aniwar. New features such as Farm, Mini-games, and Combat features will be introduced in the near future. The new features not only bring freshness to the player, they also create new goals for the player to strive to achieve. Ultimately, the demand for Aniwar will come from the intrinsic value they can provide to players in the form of competitive, social, and progression based fun and achievements.
  • Vertical, rather than purely horizontal progression. New features will be considered each time they are used. Rather than trying to expand, collect your own items to become more versatile and powerful, there will be updates to increase the power of each Ani, Farm, Equipment and this requires Players focus more on developing an attachment to some of the Ani they love.
  • Accessibility improvements that help unlock sustainable value. Currently, there are various points of friction for players to approach Aniwar. In order to help new players to be able to dive into the game to compete, have fun, and socialize with the community, improving onboarding and allowing players to enjoy the game with free will enable more players to fall in love with Aniwar and want to engage in long-term. The more sustainable the demand for Ani and related assets, the longer-lasting the economy will be.
  • Burn items. By "destroying" in-game items, we can control inflation, which also helps the drama, realism, and the economy of the ecosystem to be Long-Term Sustainability.
In the beginning to maximize growth, by design the Aniwar economy will be dependent on new entrants. New players require Ani to get started and it is important to ensure there are enough Ani being bred to make obtaining them accessible. There needs to be careful consideration for exactly when additional Ani sinks are introduced as it could limit growth by causing prices to go too high making it difficult for new players to access. Over time, the outlined additions above will be rolled out to transition the economy towards sustainability and steady growth.

Additional Sources of Capital

As the game becomes more established and scales, many additional opportunities will present themselves to introduce additional capital into the economy as a bonus on top of the core player-to-player economic activities:
  • Advertising and sponsorships. Many projects are already eager to distribute rewards and tokens to the Aniwar economy.
  • Physical / digital merchandise. This is already a frequent request from dedicated players who would like more physical and/or digital merchandise to be able to express and show-off their attachment to the game. Merchandise could range from exclusive official Aniwar Art NFTs to T-shirts to Plushies. Profits would go back into the game to be distributed to players.
  • Offline events. The global Aniwar communityhas built extremely strong bonds with each other. Meeting and communicating in real life is one of the things that the core team wants to achieve. Profits from major community events would go back into the game to be distributed to players.
Kaiigame always wants every player to be able to earn extra income by making efforts to contribute to the ecosystem as well as by trading their items, but that cannot be without the value that fun and the social relationships that Aniwar brings. The core team hopes that these values will always be retained and developed over time, only these values will help Kaiigame as well as Aniwar be strengthened and developed.