Token $ANIW

Aniwar Coin (ANIW) is an BEP-20 token that is used in the Aniwar ecosystem. ANI holders will be rewarded for staking their tokens, spending time playing games, and voting in critical governance decisions. Players may also earn ANIW tokens by participating in different Aniwar ecosystem games and creating user-generated content.
With $ANIW, we hope to engage gamers and creators in novel, engaging, and healthy ways. The diagram above serves the following functions:
  • To reward gamers who interact with Aniwar and to encourage them to keep tokens in order to receive more prizes.
  • To transfer ownership and management of Aniwar
We - the creators, want Aniwar to be a game run and decided by the community of player. Although this will offer up new and more fascinating possibilities, it also has hazards that must be tackled deliberately and carefully. In 2022, the community treasury will be functioning, receiving income through Aniwar and staking prizes. The Treasury will also contribute to the creation of Aniwar and will reward players for their contributions to the community and ecology.
Symbol: ANIW (Aniwar Token). Total Supply: 1,000,000,000. With deflationary burn mechanism. BSC address: Coming Soon...
Vesting Period
Private Round
3% (30,000,000)
100% TGE
10% (100,000,000)
100% TGE
12% (120,000,000)
8% unlock at listing, then vesting in 12m
10% (100,000,000)
TGE 20% Lock 1 month, then vesting in 36m
Play to earn
53% (530,000,000)
Dynamically release when players play/earn/stake
4% (40,000,000)
Locked up until game release, linear vesting over 24m
8% (80,000,000)
TGE 10%, Lock 6m, Vesting 36m